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Our 4-Parish Community is located in Sturgeon County, and consists of the parishes of St. Peter, St. Catherine, St. Emerence, and St. Charles. Our four parishes are served by one parish priest, who resides in Villeneuve, AB., and by one parish office.

Jackie Lawrence, Parish Secretary

Tel: 780.967.5084

St. Emerence Parish, Riviere Qui Barre


#401 - 26500 Highway 44

Riviere Quire Barre, Alberta

St. Peter Parish & Parish Office,Villeneuve


55 54200 Range Road 265

Sturgeon County, Alberta

Parish Priest

Fr. Mahesh Rathinasamy, SAC


St. Charles Parish, Mearns


17 56500 Range Road 263A

Mearns, Alberta

St. Catherine Parish, Calahoo


Lot 19 Lac St. Anne Trail, NW

Calahoo, Alberta

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