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Upcoming Events


May 9th Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch meeting. Our area is in need of representatives. For more information visit:
May 11th RQB Rec Association Meeting. Interested in helping RQB have great social events? Then consider joining the RQB Rec Association. Contact Mike Borle at
May 12 & 13 40th Annual Used Book Fair,  Plant and Bake Sale at RQB Community Center. See the photos below for all the details. 
May 14th Mother's Day
May 15th Deadline for  submissions to the RQB History book! We are still looking for new stories  to add. New generations and families new to the area are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to reach out to us at to enter. Very little work and information are required to participate. 
May 24th, 6:00-7:00 pm RQB History Book Drop-In. Come on out to learn more about the book, see what you can do to volunteer, or get help with putting your family in the book. 
May 24th RQB Ag Society Meeting. Did you know that the arena and community center are operated by volunteers on the RQB Ag Society? If you have an interest in learning more or would like to help our facility please contact President Shawn Flynn at


June events


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August events


September events


Family Hockey Tournament

Eight family teams from around the community battle for the FHT Cup in a weekend full of fun, laughter and competitive hockey.

2023 Winner:

Stay tuned for the 2024 dates and schedule!



Rivière Qui Barre Arena and Community Centre are currently undergoing renovations to serve the community better.

Phase 1: Renovations to complete the necessary work to exterior and interior systems after demolition of the previously attached school.

Phase 2: Work to update the community centre layout and facilities


Introducing the RQB History Book Project

The goal of the Project is to create a book that:
Update The Wheels of Time, A History of Riviere Qui Barre (1978) to capture community the spirit and collective history of the community of RQB area of Sturgeon County     West (Camilla School catchment zone). 

-Memorialize the 1967 Camilla Centennial Album 

-Gather new stories from the community

-Acknowledge volunteers and community organizations of the RQB/Sturgeon West communities

We are now collecting family information to put in the book! We need your story! It is as simple as sending an email! To participate simply send us a little bit about you and your family.  

Here are some ideas for what you could send: 

-When and where your family came from before living at RQB. If you were born and raised here, you could say that. 
-If applicable: when did you get married, have children, build a house, start a farm/business etc. 
-What life was like in RQB (or area)  during this time period.
-What are some of your favorite memories?
-What was good, bad, or hard.
-What did/do you enjoy most about the community or area? 
-Who are people you remember spending time with and what did you like to do? 

To participate, ask questions, learn more or get help, email us at or call Monique at780-970-7632.